Do you have a question about your alarm or surveillance system? Take a look here. We’ve compiled answers for the most common questions we get. Have a suggestion of something to add or can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us by phone or email.

Alarm Systems

View the video for your keypad model below.

Enter your 4 digit code, press number 6 (bypass), then enter the two digit zone number you want to bypass. If there is a problem with this zone, call us to set up a service appointment at 800.949.3777, option 2.
If the keypad shows “not ready”, it probably means one of your zones needs to be checked. Press the star key: this will display the zone you need to check that is causing the alarm to not be ready. Check this zone, verify that doors and windows are properly closed and that there are no problems. If there are no problems and the alarm still shows “not ready”, bypass this zone and use the alarm on the rest of your monitored areas. Call us to set up a service appointment at 800.949.3777, option 2.
Call the central station and tell the operator you want to put your entire system on test mode. They will ask for your password, so have it ready when you call. Ask the central station representative to place your system on test mode for at least an hour, so you have time to properly test your system. Go ahead and trip the alarm, check all of your zones, etc., but be aware your alarm will still sound (it just won’t be dispatched to the authorities while in test mode). Once you are done, call the central station back and get your results (and let them know to put your system back into normal mode). If they have no results, there is an issue that needs to be resolved and you’ll need to set up a service appointment.

Video Surveillance

Go to “franchisee central”, click on “retail technology”, then click on “march networks” and download the application file. Right click and Extract the file to your computer or device.
For those using March Networks, when you play your video, click on “evidence”, then click on either “save clip” or “save clip and transaction data”.
You’ll have to email us directly with a request to change your username and password. This is currently the only way, as we have to notify the manufacturer directly.

More Info for Franchises

If you are a franchise and are utilizing March Networks, please go to “franchisee central” and click on “retail technology”, then “march networks” to download the software you need. Follow PDF for step by step instructions.

View Franchisee PDF