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Accutronic Security Systems has been helping people like you throughout New York and New Jersey to develop comprehensive and hand-tailored security, automation and energy management solutions since 1984. Accutronic works both with residential & commercial business solutions and has become a leading resource in high-quality security and managed services to make your lifestyle or business more successful and enjoyable. When Lonnie Scher created Accutronic, the vision was to offer the best security solutions possible, and it’s only grown from there. He’s seen trends come and go, knows what works and why, and has always stayed at the cutting edge of technology and innovation in the industry.

Nearly 40 Years of Customized Security

In order to deliver the best experience possible, Accutronic believes in creating customized, hand-tailored solutions for each of its customers. People are different. Businesses have different needs and scopes of operation. Some businesses have to focus on maximizing surveillance to minimize break-ins, whereas others need to keep a close eye on their employees and cash register. Some people want broad surveillance and safety options for their homes, whereas others may want to focus solely on a target area like a safe or valuable piece of art. Others may want to bundle a fire, burglar, energy management and surveillance system together into one inclusive package. Despite these vast differences in circumstances, both security and managed services often come pre-packaged by the large security companies for the sole purpose of selling a product without addressing a customer’s specific needs. This is what sets Accutronic apart from the competition: we have over 30 years of expert experience delivering customized, successful and affordable solutions for your home or commercial business security, automation, surveillance and energy management needs.

We Make Automation Accessible

The concept of security has come a long way and now includes the best in residential and commercial automation. Not only will you know your home or business is secure, but you can also access your video surveillance from anywhere using a mobile device with internet connection, arm your alarm system or lock a door remotely from your mobile device, or even turn on your lights and heat before you get home. Energy management, security and peace of mind now come packaged together. Now that’s convenient.

Areas We Service

Areas we Service