Secure Automation

You can now access your home or business remotely through the latest in automation technology. All you need is an internet-connected computer or mobile device. Wherever you have internet, you have control over your automated services. Automation can give you remote access to the locks on your door, lights and HVAC system, your security alarm system and allow you to view video surveillance of your property. Whether you are traveling for work or relaxing on the beach, you’re in full control.

Businesses have even greater access to and need for automated services. In addition to everything already mentioned, you can also have control over some of your appliances, like oven and refrigerators, giving you fuller control over your facility and energy management resources. Set automatic timers to start appliances and lights at the start of your workday, and more. Like you, we hope your employees are diligent, but even when they’re not you can step in from anywhere, make changes and know what’s going on.

Your Life, Now More Simplified

Remote Services on Tablet

A goal for technology has always been to find ways of making life simpler. Automation’s ability to provide you with remote virtual access to your systems is an excellent, practical example of this. Lifestyle and business management on-the-go has never before been so simple.

The positive ways automation can benefit your life are countless. Maybe you’ve been putting off important travel or life decisions out of fear of being away from your home or business. Maybe you’ve been working too hard as a business owner because you don’t have someone else to trust.

All of this changes with remote access. You can see what’s going on in your home while away, check on your kids, babysitter or pets remotely. You can now get away from work and have full control over your alarm system, locks and energy management, all from your computer or other connected device.

Now that you’re in control, relax a bit and let us handle the monitoring. Set up custom notifications to stay in the know of what’s going on, without having to log in and check. Be automatically alerted when someone comes onto your property. Know when your alarm was set or turned off, or if changes were made to your automated settings by someone else. Life just got a whole lot simpler so sit back and enjoy. Contact us to find out how to get started.